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The Beginning: A Little More of Me

Gateway to the Stars

Welcome to the inaugural post to Jonah’s Astronomy Interests! Just to start, here are some things about me because why not: I’m from St. Louis, Missouri (if you couldn’t tell from the picture above) and I wish I could’ve minored in astronomy but physics wasn’t the move. Another thing to share: I love when I’m driving back home through the plains and can roll down my window, look up and see a clear view of all the stars while simultaneously blasting my favorite playlists. In these moments, I realize how our existence came from the explosion of some star so long ago and has progressed to the that moment in time. While simple, it’s one of the few things I indulge in whenever I can.
Anyways, that’s just an intro into Jonah’s Astronomy Interests. Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Anyone from St. Louis, be sure to check out the St. Louis Astronomical Society’s event calendar at your own convenience for opportunities back home!

One thought on “The Beginning: A Little More of Me

  1. You certainly don’t have to have a degree in astronomy to continue to study and appreciate it! I am glad you decided to take this class and have a feeling you will continue to explore this field in the years to come!


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