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The Interiors of the Giants of the Solar System

The giants of our solar system, other than the Sun of course, are quite different from the terrestrial planets whether it comes to the atmospheres, the surfaces, size, or other planetary features. One key difference is the interior of these giant planets. Terrestrial planets, for context, have a very dense core followed by a rockyContinue reading “The Interiors of the Giants of the Solar System”

Back to the Beginning: The Big Bang

The Big Bang. It was big and definitely was a bang, but many think that this event just happened and here we are in the same universe billions of years later. In reality, the Universe has been evolving, rapidly at first slowing over time, and it continues to evolve today. The first stage of evolutionContinue reading “Back to the Beginning: The Big Bang”

We’re Not the Only Living Ones in the Universe, Kind Of

For ages, humans have been questioning the possibility of other life forms in the universe. There are many theories and ideas of evidence of other life forms. For example, there appears to be dry river beds on Mars. It is thought that Mars could at one point retain water on its surface and life could’veContinue reading “We’re Not the Only Living Ones in the Universe, Kind Of”

Light: It’s More than We Think

Flip a switch. Turn a knob. Push a button. Look in the sky in the day or at night. Each of these actions will allow you to see light, and most people see light as nothing more than an illuminator. Its purpose in the field of astronomy is much more than illuminating the Universe forContinue reading “Light: It’s More than We Think”

And We’re Off, To the Past

Growing up, I fantasized time travel and if it would ever be possible. I watched cartoons and movies that made time travel seem so real. Of course, I got a little older and realized physical time travel would be a thing of the distant future, if it ever comes to fruition. I let the fantasyContinue reading “And We’re Off, To the Past”

The Beginning: A Little More of Me

Welcome to the inaugural post to Jonah’s Astronomy Interests! Just to start, here are some things about me because why not: I’m from St. Louis, Missouri (if you couldn’t tell from the picture above) and I wish I could’ve minored in astronomy but physics wasn’t the move. Another thing to share: I love when I’mContinue reading “The Beginning: A Little More of Me”